What is Disorientation?

A natural talent that can be a liability at school

Dyslexics and people labeled as ADD have the ability to disorient. Here are the eight primary attributes of what we call "picture thinking."

1.They can utilize the brain's ability to alter and create perceptions (the primary ability).
2.They are highly aware of the environment.
3.They are more curious than average.
4.They think mainly in pictures instead of words.
5.They are highly intuitive and insightful.
6.They think and perceive multi-dimensionally (using all the senses).
7.They can experience thought as reality.
8.They have vivid imaginations.

Disorientation is a natural phenomenon. You experience it when you get dizzy and things seem to move on their own. A common occurrence is when you're stopped behind another car and it rolls backward. You will sense that your car is moving forward when it's not. You may press on the brake before you think about honking the horn.

When reading, dyslexics become disoriented when they encounter trigger words. This undermines conceptual understanding, and may cause problems with attention focus because of distorted sound and vision, time sense, and balance and motion. Davis Orientation Counseling© provides a solution.

Dyslexics spontaneously disorient to experience the world multi-dimensionally. They use disorientation to resolve confusion about real world objects and places by constructing a 3-dimensional mental model. This only makes things more confusing when looking at words printed on a page.

Tricky Little Words

Because dyslexics think in pictures, not with the sounds of words, they mainly have trouble with words that don't produce a mental picture. Ron Davis has identified 217 "trigger words." They are everyday words like "the," "of" and "for." During the program, students master these words by modeling their meanings and spellings in clay.

To get an idea of how dyslexics see the written word, try to read the paragraph below.


The Goosegirl

THERE was once an old Queen whose husband had been dead for many years, and she had a very beautiful daughter. When she grew up she was betrothed to a Prince in a distant country